We have been working with NCheng for several years. They have helped us build financial systems that would be the envy of any Fortune 100 company, and that have enabled us to anticipate and weather many financial storms! Valued partner - in tough and happy times!

Nadim F. Matta

Chief Catalyst, Rapid Results Institute

NCheng LLP oversees our organization’s daily finances, implemented internal controls and provided guidance on decision-making regarding a $30 million project that will affect the YWCA for decades.

Martha Kamber

Executive Director YWCA of Brooklyn

The NCheng team has been wonderful! They brought much needed financial management support and capacity to our organization. Their team is professional, knowledgable, and readily available to provide assistance.

Berta Colón

Executive Director, Riverside Language Program, Inc.

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Community-Based Organizations

Community-based non-profits improve local physical, economic, and social conditions through programs and activities, serving and welcoming all residents.

Arts and Cultural Organizations

Art and culture non-profits support the creation, presentation, and preservation of museums, theaters, arts schools etc.

Social Services Organizations

Social services involve offering assistance to individuals and families who are dealing with various difficulties such as poverty, homelessness, hunger, health issues, and abuse.

Religious and Faith-Based Organizations

Religious and faith-based organizations play a significant role in providing support & guidance to individuals, promoting spiritual growth & religious values.

LGBTQI Organizations

LGBTQI organizations promote equality and acceptance of LGBTQI individuals, advocating for their rights and well-being. They provide support, raise awareness, and offer resources for LGBTQ individuals and allies.

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